Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Simply Scrappin' Event! (Shannon)

Last week all the Queens, and several others, attended my Simply Scrappin' card event....and it was such a blast! I didn't get any cards from the I Wish kit finished before the event, so I've done some now and am going to post them for those who chose the same kit. :)

And I'm also calling all my Queens---let's see some of what you made!! :)

All of these have a bit of bling on them...in some of the pics you can't really tell though.

This holly berry one is one of my faves! :)


Diana said...

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Beautiful pictures.

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Good luck
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Vanessa said...

I'll get right on it. They turned out great!

LeAnn said...

So cute! I'm liking that kit, I may have to purchase that one as well!