Tuesday, June 8, 2010

End of an Era

(Laurie, Shery, Vanessa, Melissa & Shannon)
LeAnn & Verlene left before I got the camera out...and we missed Jody!

Stamp group has come to the end of the road. We have had a great run and I think we are up to 3 years?? (is that right, or is it 4?) We have had other members through the years and have hated to see them go, and we have picked up others to help finish our run.

Last night we had our last stamp group gathering. Shannon our fearless leader had some wonderful projects for us.Here are two of the 3. (I can't find my third one...but it was amazing too!)

I know we will be having stamp nights in the future, but I will miss our every other month food/stamping/food/chatting/food/stamp group fest. Thanks girls for the fabulous run! And thanks to Shannon for all of her amazing ideas, projects and workspace!