Monday, August 17, 2009

Convention 2009 (Vanessa)

LeAnn and I had the amazing opportunity of attending the Stampin' Up Convention in SLC a few weeks ago. We got to see the opening session which was exciting. We experienced all the attendees screaming like they were at a rock concert when Shelli (the founder of SU) appeared, we learned that Stampin' Up has a yearly theme song, we found out that hats can be fashioned out of die cuts from the Big Shot and we also learned that when you give out Stampin' Up Build-A-Bears, middle aged women go nuts.

The real reason we were there was to see our fellow Stamping Queen Shannon present on the big stage. We both think she has the best job ever and this just solidified it for us.Here is the big convention hall she presented in.
There she is on the jumbo tron, getting everyone pumped and ready for her presentation.

Here she is stamping and showing her creations from p.208 in the catalog (under $10 stamps). See how professional this production is? A cameraman and everything!

We are proud to say that Shannon is our friend and demonstrator. She did a great job and didn't even seem nervous presenting in front of all those people. She gets two thumbs up in our book...but we're not biased or anything!


LeAnn said...

Thanks so much Shannon! It was so fun to see you in your element! You are a ROCK STAR!! Your presentation was the best...I Loved your many uses for the ribbon stamp!

Amanda said...

and the cutest presenter there too I am sure.