Friday, June 19, 2009

Simple B-day Thanks (Shannon)

I love the Simple Birthday Thanks stamp and have been dying to use it sime it appeared in the catty last last weekend I made a couple thank you notes for my b-day gifts. I gave one to my mama, and one for each of my 3 sisters.
I stamped the side of the cupcake exactly on the fold of cardstock--so it was a darling little cucake card (you can see the back of it in the above picture). Then I restamped the image on DSP and cut out just the frosting so that it looked perfect! Lastly I added the cherry on top and a little bling.
I just loved how cute these cards turned out--and after I handed them out, I didn't get one comment from those that know they should comment on my cards! So I said "Do ya'll not like the cards? You didn't say one thing!" And Allyson said "Well yeah they are cute but they aren't the cutest cards you've ever made or anything." hahaha I can always count on her to say something completely unexpected.
But I didn't care b/c I think they are the cutest ever!


jen said...

They are really cute and well done:)

Melissa P said...

That is so cute. I remember seeing it in the catalog and wondering if I would ever use it. You can make anything look cute.

LeAnn said...

Totally cute!!!!